Beware of Scam Calls 01772451126 who is he/she

Who Called You From 01772451126

Who Called You From 01772451126? In current times, an alarming fashion has emerged in which unsuspecting individuals obtain fraudulent calls claiming to offer technical guide. These calls regularly purport to be related to legit groups like Microsoft, aiming to lie to individuals into supplying private statistics or making payments under false pretenses.

Who Called You From 01772451126
Who Called You From 01772451126

The Phone Number:
One such example is the cellphone variety 01772451126, which has garnered attention due to its association with a tech support scam name. Reports indicate that this UK-primarily based landline, purportedly originating from the Preston place, has been applied in rip-off calls falsely claiming affiliation with Microsoft.

Following internet site for assistance and guidance.01772451126

Phone Activity
Rating: 👹 Dangerous
Total searches: 305
Total reports: four
Total ratings: 1
Last seek: 1 week in the past
Registered: 10 months ago

User Reports:
According to records accumulated from person reports, this smartphone range has been flagged as potentially dangerous. A overall of 305 lookups and four reports had been recorded, with the majority of customers categorizing it as a scam. Key phrases noted in those reports encompass “Spam,” “Scam,” “Computer,” “Microsoft,” and “Security,” underscoring the character of the fraudulent interest.

Danger Rating:
The telephone quantity has obtained a dangerous caller score based on user feedback. With simplest 1 score available, warning is recommended for folks who might also encounter this variety.

Modus Operandi:
The modus operandi of such scam calls generally involves the impersonation of legitimate organizations, like Microsoft, to instill a feel of accept as true with. Callers often allege troubles with the recipient’s laptop or software program, prompting them to divulge sensitive information or grant remote get admission to to their tool.

Important Notes:

  • Reputable businesses like Microsoft do no longer initiate unsolicited touch for technical assist.
  • Remain vigilant of any requests for payment or personal information from unknown callers.
  • Verify the legitimacy of communication directly with the legit channels of the respective organization.

Protect Yourself:

To protect in opposition to tech help scams:

  1. Exercise Caution: Treat unsolicited calls with skepticism, especially the ones claiming to provide technical help.
  2. Verify Identity: Always affirm the identity of the caller through contacting the corporation thru professional channels.
    Three. Avoid Sharing Information: Refrain from disclosing personal or monetary facts over the smartphone.
  3. Report Suspicious Activity: Report Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK or the Federal Trade Commission any suspected scam calls to relevant government or patron protection businesses.


The incidence of tech guide scams underscores the significance of last vigilant and informed. By staying cautious and adhering to exceptional practices, individuals can protect themselves from falling sufferer to fraudulent schemes. Remember, while in doubt, it’s better to err at the facet of caution and chorus from engaging with suspicious callers.

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